1. went for a walk today and tried to take some photos, it wasn’t really working out until Yasmine called me on the phone and I ended up liking this photo of me talking to her. // adamcrossphoto

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  2. thegreatpotatoking:

    This is the single most important invention of 2014. No question about it.

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  3. forthebrave:

    Women of the World

    Photos by Steve McCurry

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  4. white brits and languages

    It bothers me a lot when I hear people pronouncing names/things/food stuffs wrong. I try my best to pronounce peoples names right, it takes a minimal amount of effort to avoid annoying people or insulting them by continuing to say things incorrectly once you know how it’s supposed to be said.

    I get it, you’ve never heard it said properly, fine, you get a free pass. But, I’ve now informed you how to say it properly - but you tell me that you don’t care and you’ll keep saying it the way you normally say it.

    In what other areas of life would this be considered good practice?

    Why is it when it comes to White British people we find it impossible to change something about ourselves as simple as pronouncing a name correctly? Ignorance is one thing, but the arrogance to continue doing something incorrectly is completely mind boggling to me.

    But me informing you of this makes me ”judgmental” and that I’m insulting you by telling you that you’re doing something wrong. just, wow.

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  5. this is one of my neighbour’s cats, sometimes I have conversations with them from my window because I have no friends…… D:

  6. my apologies to beard lovers everywhere // adamcrossphoto

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    1. Woman: I'm smart
    2. Patriarchy: Well you're probably ugly then
    3. Woman: I'm creative
    4. Patriarchy: You mean unattractive right?
    5. Woman: I have all these incredible accomplishments
    6. Patriarchy: Yeah but look how ugly you looked doing them
    7. Woman: I have value
    8. Patriarchy: Not if you're ugly lol
    9. Woman: I'm conventionally-attractive & posted selfies on my blog
    10. Patriarchy: I'm so sick of these empty-headed chicks only caring about their looks. Just because you are attractive and get attention from men doesn't mean you are special or deserve respect. Why don't you read a book or do something productive with your life you dumb slut

  8. ettyyytttthhhhyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee:

    Deerhunter | Nothing Ever Happened 

    I still absolutely love this song.

  9. has anyone seen this? it’s been sitting on my harddrive for almost 2 years and I keep forgetting to watch it. Have you seen it? what did you think?