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    See this why you don’t live with white people


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  2. Trying to enjoy the last of the summer sun // adamcrossphoto

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    no one has a crush on me. i am too strong to be crushed



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    Children of Men, 2006 (dir. Alfonso Cuarón)

    That scene kills me every time, I’m not usual one in favour of man-feels at the expense of a dead woman but that scene hurts every time

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    The world-famous La Tomatina festival has been held in the Valencian town of Buñol on the last Wednesday of August since 1945.

    Tens of thousands of people come together to throw over 100 tonnes of tomatoes at each other, costing an estimated $3,000 per minute. More photos »

    i’ll never understand shit like this. what a waste.

    If people want to waste their tomatoes while having fun, let them! Their money, their time, and their tradition.

    wasting an estimated $3,000 worth of food per minute while other people around the globe barely have enough to stay alive? great tradition. Call me a killjoy if you want but its disgusting. Also, I wouldn’t really call something that started in 1945 from people fighting for no reason a “tradition”

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  6. Bell Hooks, Are You Still A Slave?: Liberating The Black Female Body

    "let’s say if Beyoncé is a homeless woman"

    why insist on using hypotheticals ?

    This kind of odd logic applies to anyone and everyone who is famous and wealthy. What has it got to do with Beyoncé specifically? :S

    If someone’s not famous, or well known on any level - it would be impossible to be interested in them specifically because we wouldn’t know who they are.

    I don’t know, am I simplifying this too much? :S

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    重慶森林 (1994)

    i still want to be a plant in this film.

    one of the best characters ever <3

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  8. Tim Howard was unbelievable today, not only should he have been sent off for catching the ball outside of the penalty area, but grabbing hold of Diego Costa for no reason and facing off against César Azpilicueta like this. Disgraceful play. I’m glad we beat you 6 goals to 3. go home and cool off.

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  9. I don’t even want to watch it and give it any more views. But, this is disappointing.

    It’s okay, it’s a report from TYT, not a video from Elizabeth Warren herself

  10. So it turns out that Elizabeth Warren is just another politician after all, and a pro-Israel one at that.

    Progressive America just died a slow death. So incredibly disappointing when people seem like a breath of fresh air but then they just fall into the void of winning friends and influencing people.

    I get it, if she runs for the presidency and wins she will sadly need Israel on her side. Everyone wishes that wasn’t the case but sadly it is. 

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